Meet Norman, a very lucky Jersey Calf who was Rescued by the Harmony Farm Sanctuary in Sisters, Oregon.

Norman is sweet little jersey cow. Like billions of baby cows each year, Norman was taken from his mother the day he was born so that her breast milk, the milk that was meant for him, could be sold for profit. At just 2 days old the Harmony Farm Sanctuary in Sisters, Oregon purchased him at an auction for $30. He was a “throw away”. Female babies have a better chance at survival because they might be used for dairy but males are sold at auctions, turned into dog food, or become veal. Most of them never even get their own mothers milk, even at birth. We assume that this is what happened to Norman which is why he was so sick when they rescued him.


With lots of dedication and love, the Harmony Farm Sanctuary have nursed him back to health. They say Norman is a fighter. Norman is currently 1 of 80 rescued farm animals at the Harmony Farm Sanctuary who rely on donations to do the good work that they do. Norman is consuming 4 gallons of milk a day and growing like a weed. Eventually he will eat a bale of hay a day. The farm sanctuary also pays for all his medical expenses. And lastly, Norman needs a companion. Cows are herd animals and Norman is the only cow at the farm. I know he needs his mom terribly. If he can’t have that wouldn’t it be amazing if we could raise enough money to rescue another cow as a companion? If the money isn’t raised Norman will still have the company of the other farm animals and the wonderful family that cares for him but a girl can dream.

Please join us in helping Norman and setting what’s wrong with the world right. We have no right to exploit animals, use them for profit, separate babies from their mothers, and dispose of the babies that bring no profit. Because something has always been, does not mean it’s right. It is time for change. It is time to take personal responsibility and do what’s right.

In our effort to help Norman we are currently donating $3 of every sale to the Harmony Farm Sanctuary. You can purchase products from our online shop or from our Facebook page.

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Julia Rudisill
Founder of Conscious Cart
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