The USDA is considering standards to address the welfare of animals in organic production and is now accepting public comments. You have until tomorrow, July 13th to speak up.

Thanks to the Farm Sanctuary I was made aware that the USDA is considering standards to address the welfare of animals in organic production and is now accepting public comments. This is an opportunity to make a positive change. Your opinion matters. You have today, July 13 to speak up.!docketDetail;D=AMS-NOP-15-0012


If you need any evidence that animals need our protection just watch PaulMcCartney's Glass Walls video.

I wrote this in a rush while at the lake with friends but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to speak up. Please excuse any typos as I can barely see on this tiny tablet typing with one finger. I may have offered more of my opinion than they were looking for but that's just me :)

This is the letter that I submitted. Even if you write three sentences, you've done something. You can change the world. SPEAK UP!

Thank you for taking the time listen to public opinion and making this platform available. I barely know where to start. I find the meat and dairy industry deeply disturbing due to the use, abuse and exploration of innocent animals. I find it deeply disturbing that there are no laws to protect these animals from these abuses. I also find it disturbing that consumers are mislead and kept in the dark regarding the realities of how these animals are treated.

It is my opinion that people have no right what so ever to breed, sell, and slaughter animals for profit and it should simply end. 

As long as it continues there are some specific things that could help.
1. Animals should not be confined to small places.
2. There should be limits on the number of animals within a given space or facility.
3. They should not be deprived of sunlight and fresh air.
4. Their infants should not be taken away from them. All babies need their mothers and mothers want nothing more that to protect and nurture their infants. This simply traumatizes the animals.
5. They should socialize in whatever manner they do naturally in a space that allows for that.
6. Animals should always have adequate food and water.
7. Animals should not be transported in hot containers. A comfortable temperature, and adequate food and water should be required during transport. Perhaps even a climate controlled truck.
8. No animal should be subjected to being boiled alive, dropped in scalding water, hung up for butchering while conscious.
9. Background checks on employees should be required to stop animal abusers.
10. All animals, including wounded animals, should be killed humanely. This does not mean bashing their heads against concrete, discarding them half alive to die in a pile, boiling them alive, or shredding them.
11. Video cameras at meat and dairy facilities should be required to prevent abuse and inhumane treatment of animals.
12. Baby chickens should not be shredded alive
13. Employees caught abusing animals including: beating them, putting electric prods in their eyes ears and nose, kicking them, and even raping them with object should face criminal charges.
13. Factory farms should be shut down completely!

We have no right to these animals. They deserve freedom. The least we can do is allow them a life, some protection, and dignity. 

I personally will not contribute to this. I simply do not consume meat. My hope is that as a country we realize the devastating effects of our actions and continue to move toward a plant based diet and live healthier, more compassionate lives.


Fighting for the protection of animals every day.

Julia Rudisill