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Health benefits of a plant based diet

This blog post is a true personal story about the power of plants. I hope you'll find it inspiring and give a plant based diet a try. You can lower your cholesterol without drugs, even if it's hereditary.

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Vegan fast food: My all time favorite mango salad

This is a Thai inspired salad. I tried something similar at a restaurant and decided to try and make it. It's actually better than the original. It's so simple that I'm calling it vegan fast food.

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getting started with a plant based diet

You can heal your body with plants. You do not have to become a victim of the American diet, animal agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and poor health. Say no to drugs and surgery. Say yes to plants!

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We believe that everyone can make a difference.


Demand drives change. We have an impact every time we make a purchase, support a socially responsible company, or sign a petition. The more people who act, the faster change will happen. Never give up hope. You can change the world. We're here to help you.


We are against all violence and cruelty towards animals.


We will never sell any product that tests on animals or uses them in the creation of their product. This includes animal skins, feathers, and fur. We have a choice. We can create a more compassionate world.



Heal your body and heal the earth.


We will be discussing the damaging effects of animal agriculture, GMOs, and pesticides on the planet. In turn we will embrace a healthy lifestyle, plant derived products, and a plant based diet. Together we can make small changes that have a big impact. Let's do it!



It is our responsibility to care for the earth and minimize our impact.


We will be recommending non-toxic environmentally friendly products and discussing sustainability, clean energy, and the importance of biodiversity.